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Alquraish Company

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy :

Privacy policy covers how to use this site. And under what circumstances we disclose it. Using this site means that you agree with our terms and conditions. We have divided privacy policy into few important heads.
Collection of Information :

When you use our site, we receive and collect certain information. The information that we receive and collect depends on what you do when you visit our site www.bahoo.org
Automatically collection of information :

Some times we receive information automatically, and some times we receive it  from our customers during there visit to bahoo.org. We receive a collection of information like “domain”, “host”, with “IP protocols”, of computer you are using, the browser information and operating system. Date and time at which you access our site. This sort of information is necessary to monitor what sort of information hits you, also we do send emails to you, we may be able to identify your email address information. All the activities we do are necessary to judge our capabilities, and further enhancements for our customers.
Information you submit at time of your browse :

Like other browsing services we do not acquire user’s information, like personal customer information, names, email address, billing address, shipping address, phone no and credit card etc. You can visit our site and spend as much time as you can to browse and see the information we have put in it for you. Even when you put any item in your shopping cart, still you do not need to put your customer information.
However we need to insert customer information when (1) we have to submit your order, (2) Open an account, (3) Maintenance of your account.
Creating bahoo.org Account :

Creating an account on bahoo.org is very simple, you can make customer account to complete an order. You have to make a password-protected account, and then at this very step we need all your information necessary like your name, email address, billing address, shipping address and credit card information. We are using standard industrial e-commerce security, to protect your personal information at the time when you submit, and every time you access your account, change password, or personal information.
Communication with bahoo.org :

Being a customer you will receive following information from us.info@alquraish.net
Communication related to your account
Without limitations you will be told about your order confirmations, update order notices, order problem notices, and related material about new updates, policy and laws.
Communication related to Nes stuff introduction
Again without limitations we can inform you with the latest products, by promoting, and emails to you.